Muramoxie is a webcomic host created in 2015 by Alexander Klossing and Nicholas Gibson. We host and create our very own comics, usually comedies, and share them with you for free. We've been working on comics together since 2013 and have been best friends since we were about 5 years old.

Muramoxie isn't a single webcomic source such as most webcomic sites. We will be hosting several different series we've been creating over the years. We've got a ton in the process of being created, so always check back in and see what new is coming to the site. 

Your views, comments, and sharing with others is always appreciated. We're always looking to meet fellow artists and fellow art lovers. Feel free to send us an email about anything. We also do art commissions if you're looking to have something made in our art style. Nicholas has worked on tons of album covers, t-shirt designs, and so-on so feel free to message us to receive details.

AND if you have any fan art at all please send it to us! We'd love to feature your fan art on our site! Please send them to muramoxie@gmail.com.

Again, thank you for visiting and enjoy some free comics!